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Updated:   09.05.2010
Opened:    22.04.2002

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Bells: Collection and History

Welcome to the website about my collection of decorative bells. The contents of the site are mainly in Russian, but you can get a general impression on it from the illustrated catalogue (see the menu located above and the site map in English). I want to notify you that this site is not only about the collection. Small bells, which appeared in our home almost incidentally, have gradually caused our interest to the bell family in general. Bells seem to be ubiquitous: from churches to anecdotes. From the sea of facts, events and stories about bells I have tried to select for this site the most interesting and remarkable ones.
You can also find here some notes with pictures about our family travels connected to some extent with bells.

I wish you an interesting walk to the "Bell Land".

If you want to have the other pages of this site to be translated, please use Google Translator gadget button available in all pages in Russian. You can choose the desired language.

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